Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bathroom Beautification-Black and White Vintage Faces Wallpaper

So about a month or two ago I decided to take on a bathroom beautification project.  I called it a "beautification" because the bathroom has already been remodeled, this is just a "make it prettier" project.  I told Ronny one night that I was going to do this and of course he didn't care.  I expected it to take maybe 2 weeks...a quick pretty project.  Well, about a month later it was finished.  And I think it's a much more beautiful version of what it was.

I'll show you the before and after.  I don't have the real before (like when we moved it), but you can still see a change.

This is what you see upon entering the bathroom.  I'd always wanted a bathroom with a black and white floor with mint sherbet colored walls.

This is the original cabinetry after about 4 different coats of white paint.  We added the granite and the back splash after moving in.

Shower.  Oh, and vintage doctors cabinet and stool. The stool was actually my great grandpa's!  So cool.  I found the cabinet at an antique store and had to rebeautify it.

Boring!  I could never decide what to do to spruce up the toilet area.  The one picture and Kleenex box aren't cutting it.

Plain, boring, white door.

Here it is...the final product!

Woh!  It's black and white vintage face wallpaper.  I saw it and was in love.  My mom and aunt hung the wallpaper for me.  It was a horrible, awful, nerve racking experience...but it was worth it.

I loved the striped hand towel.  I'm into mixing patterns right now.

Much better.  Ronny even made these shelves.  Looks amazing, just what I was going for.

Strawberry lipstick colored door.  Adds a bright pop of color to the black, white and gray.

I hope you like it...I know we sure do!

Here is the site I bought the wallpaper from.  Take a look.  It has really different wallpaper that you don't see everyday!