Monday, January 16, 2012

Gigi's Cupcakes...A Really Tasty Review

My quest for the best cupcakes in OKC continues.  Today, I'm reviewing Gigi's Cupcakes.  I've been there a few to many times already and thought you guys needed to hear about it.  My amazing dad got my mom and I both gift cards here for Christmas, so that's why I went today.  I mean, free to me, why not?  Here goes.

Location:  Gigi's has a few different locations around the OKC area.  One by Quail Springs Mall, one in Norman and I believe one at the Outlet Mall (not listed online, but I've seen it).  The fact that Gigi's has different locations makes it a plus in my book.  It is within easy access to people in North OKC and Edmond and also those in South OKC, Moore and Norman and outlet shoppers!  Seems great to me, wherever you're at there's a Gigi's not too far away.

Cost:  At $3.25 per cupcake, Gigi's is what I'd say is right on average for the area.  I mean it sounds totally nuts to pay $3.25 per cupcake, but let me tell you, people do!  About every time I go I have to stand in a line of at least 2 or 3 people, so I guess price isn't driving people away.

Selection:  Today when I went there were 12 different cupcakes listed on the menu with 2 or 3 also listed on the special board.  There were more than enough choices for me...I don't make decisions well.  The only drawback I see is that they have a set menu each day of the week and it always stays the same.  See, I always go on Saturday's, so I never have a different selection from week to week.  I suppose this is easier for them, but what about us loyal Saturday visitors who like different options?  Any way, the selection is really quite big if you take a look at all they offer.  They just need to switch it up a little.

Cupcakes:  Today, I got 2...I didn't want to be too big of a pig!  I chose Amaretto Amore (January special) and White Midnight Magic.  

This is an amaretto cake with amaretto cream cheese frosting, rimmed with almonds.  What did I think?...I wasn't completely overwhelmed with amazement.  The size of the cupcake, and all Gigi's cupcake, is a bit larger than standard.  Actually larger than I prefer.  The cake was nice and spongy.  Not to moist, not to dry.  I could have stood for it to be just a tad lighter and fluffier.  It wasn't overly dense, but I prefer light, airy and moist cake.  The flavor of the cake didn't jump out and say, I'm amaretto.  I almost thought it was just a yellow cake, but not bad flavor.  The frosting was nice and creamy.  Plenty piled high.  The flavor was nice, but I've had amaretto flavored frosting I liked more.  The almonds were a great touch that added a tasty crunch.  Would I get this cupcake again? Probably.  But, at cupcakes to go go I also got an almond flavored cupcake that might just edge this one out, but only by a small dab of almond frosting!

This is a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate chips, topped with a white cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips, served daily.   So, what did I think?...pretty, pretty tasty.  The cake was nice and chocolatey.  Just the right balance of lightness, moistness and sponginess.  I really can't complain about the cake.  The only possible thing I could say about it is that I didn't detect any chocolate chips in the cake like stated.  The frosting was the best part of the cake.  Gigi's definitely doesn't skimp on frosting, it's always piled super high.  It was sweet and creamy with a smooth vanilla flavor.  And the chocolate chips on top added a contrast to the silky frosting.  Would I get this cupcake again?  Without a doubt I would.  It was a pretty delicious version of a classic chocolate cupcake!

Overall, Gigi's Cupcakes is a must go.  It might just be at the top of my list now!

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  1. Blair, it's not hard to find the best cupcakes in oklahoma. They're yours! Search over. Lol