Friday, January 13, 2012

Guilty Obsession

Is there anything you "collect" and just can't help yourself from buying?  Admit it, just say yes because I'm sure there is.

So over the weekend Ronny and I discussed this quite a few times actually, things we LOVE, have a lot of, can't help from buying, but don't really need.  For Ronny it's guns.  I suppose he might convince himself he needs each one for hunting something different, but I'm not really sure he does.  He just loves guns and loves buying them, so he does.

Here's what I am slightly obsessed with... Ray-Ban sunglasses and surprise I'm sure.  But, it's really practical if you think about it.  You need sunglasses to protect your eyes and to help beautify yourself and hide your face if you don't have makeup on.  Handbags hold your money, keys, lipstick, coupons, tape measure (yes, I carry a tape measure), cell phone and help beautify you!  It's all about beautification for me...but when you have more than a couple of sunglasses and handbags, maybe that's an obsession.

I mean, I've admitted the only reason I worked in college was to buy Coach handbags and maybe a little food and gas for the car.  But really, I'd work and save for a new handbag, buy it and then start saving for my next one.  It was amazing and now I have quite a collection.  I have since taken to Michael Kors and Kate Spade handbags...fabulous bags, but not always fabulous on the budget...but Ronny says that's why we both work!

Ray-Ban's are a fairly new love of mine.  When I worked in the mall during college there was a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers that I would go "visit" quite often.  Finally Ronny said just get I did!  Now I'm in love.

Aren't they great?!  How could I have turned them down?

Since that first, beautiful aqua pair of Ray-Ban's I've only gotten 2 more.  Another pair of Wayfarers and my newest addition, these amazing Aviators, polarized and all (fancy, I've been told!).

As I keep thinking I might be obsessed with colored denim, flats, stud earrings, anything limited edition...I'd better go!

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  1. I could write for YEARS with things I am obsessed with...but must be inherited. So far I have taken 6 or 7 large garbage bags of nicely folded clothes to the YWCA and not even a DENT in my 3 closets!!