Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prop, Location, Era

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter.  I sure did.  Ronny and I went to 3 different Easter celebrations...we were busy. 

At the Easter with my dad's side of the family we played this game after we were finished eating.  My uncle would choose something, prop from a movie, location, or era in time and everyone would say what prop they would like to have, what location they'd live or what era in time they'd live.  It sounds kinda dumb, but I had fun.  Ronny went outside for some fresh air when he heard what we were doing (come on, have a good time!).

We started off with a movie prop.  Which movie prop would you choose if you could have any prop from any movie, ever?  So, here was my first thought.  It really took no thinking at all!


Dorothy's ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz!  I mean, doesn't everyone want the original ruby slippers?  But, here comes the bad news.  My mom was setting one person in front of me.  You know what I'm about to say, don't you?  She took the ruby slippers!  I was in a panic.  I knew that there were 3 pairs of slipper used in the movie, so I could have one too!  My uncle said no, the ruby slipper were already taken.  What should I choose?  My mind was racing.  The only thing that came to mind was Reese Witherspoon's Tiffany & Company ring from Sweet Home Alabama.  I would just die if I had that ring, but that just wasn't it.  Then my uncle asked someone, to help them think, well, what's your favorite movie?  It hit me!  I love Meet Me in St. Louis.  Here it is...

The house from Meet Me in St. Louis.  I'll take it.  Give me the real thing...I want it!  I'll just move it to the location of my choosing, wherever that might be.  So just hand it over movie prop people (or owner of the house)!  Now that I think about it I'd also like Audrey Hepburn's outfit that she wears in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  The outfit she wears when she's going to visit Mr. O'Shaunessy at Sing Sing.


The dress, the earrings, the amazing hat, the sunglasses, and she has on pointy black alligator it!

Now that all the props were out of the way, we moved on to location.  Where would you live if you could choose anywhere in the whole wide world?  My mind began yet another struggle.  I have two location loves right now.  Which to choose?


Savannah, Georgia or Boston, Massachusetts?  This was so hard.  Some people were saying fabulous places like Mykonos, Greece...San Diego, California...Hawaii.  I knew what I had to do.  Go with my first love.  Savannah, Georgia it was!  I feel like I will be a true Southern Belle someday (haha).  I'll be the epitome of class, elegance, sophistication, beauty.  Ronny and I will move there, buy a historic home, I'll become bff's with Paula Deen, she will promote my fabulous home style/southern bakery, I'll become a very successful business owner/baker, I'll become famous because of my bff, Paula's promotion, and Ronny and I will live happily ever after...a life full of southern charm!  Well, that's a plan!

Finally we moved on to era's.  If you could choose any era in time to live, what would it be?  I wasn't sure the era in time, but I knew the style of clothing I wanted to wear.  My mom had to help me decide which decade I needed to be in.  Here is the look I was going for...

Maggie  Laura in Rio de Janeiro

I choose the 1950's...maybe mid 50's to 60's.  So classy and classic.  I love this last picture from Pan Am (loved that show).  I'd have on a beautiful classy dress every day with perfectly groomed hair, jewelry, a hat (some days), an amazing handbag, but absolutely no gloves (gloves make me claustrophobic, I'm crazy).  I would look amazing!  Fashion is the sole reason I chose the 1950's. 

My mom chose the 1960's so she could be a hippie.  But when my aunt asked her if she would partake in any of the "questionable" thing hippies did she said no way.  I guess she'd be a good hippie?  A few said the 1980's...I'm not sure why.  Maybe it was a good time for them.  And best of all is what my cousin, Stacy, chose.  She said that she would have to live in modern time because there is no way she could live without modern technologies!  If you know her this is spot on for her...I would expect nothing it.  Oh, and I wouldn't be alone in the 1950's.  My grandpa and Stacy's husband, Josh, would be right there with me.  It would be a party!

So, which movie prop would you choose?  What location would you live?  And, which era in time would you live?  Let me'll be fun!

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  1. How fun! Ronny didn't know what he was missing. I'd love to have the Ferrari from Ferris Buellers Day Off, I would love to live in Greece or Italy (I really can't choose!), and I've always thought the roaring 20's would have been a pretty cool era. Of course, would not want to have had to endure the great depression that followed!