Friday, April 13, 2012

Turkey Demeating...A Feather Raising Process

WARNING!  Some may not want to see what lies ahead...a dead turkey.  Cover your eyes, look away, or just go shop online if you're scared.  There is very little to no blood...actually NO you'll be ok.  This is how to skin...butcher...dress...carve...(I don't know what it's called) remove the meat from a turkey.  Here we go!

Here it is.  What a proud!

After the beard is cut off, measure it.  See what ya got.  Almost 9 inches...what a whopper!

Do the turkey's have large talons?  (Remember Napoleon Dynamite?)  Measure the talons, claws, feet, whatever you call them.  Almost 1 inch here.  And yes, the turkey has large talons.

Grab a saw and go to town on the legs.

Look at the action shot.  One leg down, one to go.

Beard and feet...they're like the turkey trophy.

Here goes.  Slowly and carefully cut the skin down the breast bone, being sure not to cut the meat.

Pull the skin and feathers back.

Begin cutting the breast  meat along the breast bone.  Wait maybe don't cut the meat yet.  Keep cutting the skin and feathers.

Pull the skin back more.

Cut on the inside between the meat and skin to free the meat from what holds it.

Cut the meat from along the breast bone.


Cut carefully being sure not to puncture internal nastiness.

Pull meat and make the final cuts.

Ta da!  Turkey meat...on a tail gate.

Now, start on the other side.  Use the same cutting and pulling process as before.

Take a moment to admire the feathers...ah, what lovely colors.

Back to meat removal.  Almost there.  Just a few more cuts.

Here is the turkey, minus the breast meat.  That's all Ronny wanted, no turkey legs for us.

This is its head, obviously.  I just thought the colors were so pretty.  Poor little gobbler.  I'm sure he had lots of fun time playing and doing the things turkeys do.

Here's the meat.  Maybe we'll have a gobbler cobbler, or fried turkey strips, or an early Thanksgiving feast.  The possibilities are endless.

What a fun time learning how to clean and demeat a turkey.  And it wasn't even that disgusting...if your just watching!


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