Friday, October 28, 2011

About Me

Hellew...I'm Blair, The Dashing Dessertress.  I love all things food.  I love to bake food, cook food, look at food, photograph food and eat food.  But cupcakes are my favorite.  Cupcakes are amazing, awesome, and totally the best!  I also love fashion and travel.

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Ronny.

We've been together since 2003...kind of seems like forever already.  Then we got married in 2009.  It was fabulous.

We like to go to OSU football and basketball games (go OU).  We love the Boston Red Sox...Fenway Park is'll take your breath away.  We watch The Office on bluray, laugh like crazy and eat snacks in the evening.  Ronny is obsessed with hunting...I'd never go.  We have 3 dashing dogs.  They tend to drive me crazy, but I love them anyway.

This is Cash Bentley Hepburn-Hedrick.  He was born before Ronny and I got married...that's why the last name is hyphenated (Hepburn is after Audrey, duh).  He is very snotty...thinks he's the ruler of all...thinks he's the meanest, biggest dog ever...he loves quilts, but must be made of minkee...he love visitors, going on drives, sleeping in front of the space heater, and eating bananas and cheese.  Did I mention he is VERY spoiled?

This is Rebel...just plain Rebel.  Ronny named him.  He is a beautiful white/yellow Lab.  His hobbies are barking, running along the fence, digging, and barking.  When he was a baby he was attacked by a vicious Rottweiler.  Obviously, he survived...I think that somehow made him quite mellow.  He is really a very good dog except for the barking.

This beautiful red dog is Jax Frankie.  I know you're thinking what kind of dog is that?  He's a Vizsla.  I know you're thinking what's a Vizsla?  It's a rust colored hunting dog.  He has an extreme load of energy...he is an escape artist...he is friends with all neighborhood dogs (he's an escape artist)...he loves to eat...he can pose like a statue, he's amazing.  I constantly take up for him, I have to he's wonderfully handsome and my youngest.

Now that you know about the dogs you know that I am crazy.  Well, that's me...I hope you think my blog is DASHING!

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