Friday, October 28, 2011

I've been BOO'D when I came home at lunch to let Cash out I thought I saw something peculiar on the front porch.  As I pulled in the garage I convinced myself that the glitter styrofoam pumpkin I had on the outdoor table must have blown over.  When I opened the door I was super excited to see what was there.

I had been boo'd.  Basically one of my sweet neighbors had dropped off a Halloween basket full of candies other Halloween tidbits.  There was also a paper inside the basket saying within 2 days I need to fix up a basket and boo 2 more neighbors as well as a paper to put on the door saying I've been boo'd.  What fun!  I immediately left for the local DG (Dollar General) to gather everything I need to make my own boo basket.

Here comes the dilemma...which 2 neighbors should I choose AND what all should I put in the boo basket?  I am the absolute worst decision maker ever (ask Ronny).  But, I managed to choose and not take to long since I did have to go back to work.

My boo basket!...(I know it's the same pumpkin's a small town...DG is the only choice).  I couldn't resist eyeball gum or squishy rat toys.  Then, other candies to fill the basket.  I delivered one basket to neighbors I knew had kids (hope they liked it) and the other...well...I can't decide.  I'll just have to make a decision and go with it.

This has been so much fun, very easy, and pretty inexpensive.  You outta try it in your neighborhood!

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