Monday, May 14, 2012

Black Lightening 2

When you hear the names, Black Lightening, Reba 1, and  Reba 2 what comes to mind? 

Maybe a dogs name, or a bearded dragon, or a new cocktail, or maybe a red headed country singer?  Unless you said they are names of vehicles you're wrong.  These have all been names of Ronny's vehicles.

Reba 1

Do you or have you ever named your car, truck or SUV?  I sure never did until I met Ronny.  But, now I am the proud owner of Bruce Wayne, a charcoal colored SUV!  The color is technically called "night armor".  It reminded me of Batman.  I wasn't gonna call my vehicle Batman, so Bruce Wayne it was.

The pick up Ronny drives right now is Reba 2.  It's red, but I'm sure you figured that much.  It's 2 because this is the second red vehicle Ronny has owned.  I mean I guess he couldn't think of anything better.  He could have chosen, Ruby, Beautiful Blair, the possibilities are endless, but he chose Reba 2.

Actually the reason this all got brought up was because I saw a beautiful, stylish black car the other day that I would love to own.  As I was telling Ronny all the reasons I "needed" this car I threw in that we could call it Black Lightening 2.  Oh my, this was not ok.  He said it would not be called Black Lightening 2 because the original Black Lightening was "special".  I'm thinking the original was his first car, or maybe second, anyway I guess it meant something to him. 

2007 BMW Z4 3.0si Coupe 2D is a Black 2007 BMW Z4, Z4-Series Z4 3.0si Coupe in Beaufort SC
(This isn't the exact one, but it was a black BMW Z4 coupe)

This new car would be way nicer than the original, but not happening.  Really, we aren't getting this car anyway, but still.  Here are some other names I came up with...Black Widow, Black Gold (I was informed this was oilfield trashy), Black Diamond, Black Barbie...I guess I was hung up on having black in the name now that I look at it.  Fun times!

Do you have a name for your car, truck or SUV?


  1. My black Ford Dually is named Aretha. You can probably see where I got the name if you know how Ronny named Reba.

  2. Tom calls my car the Black Toaster!!! and wants to get a tag that says it! I like the Black Box! Usually it is The Cube. In college we called a car White Lightning!