Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charleston Living-Southern Style

I've told you all before that I have grand dreams of being a fabulous, charming Southern Belle living in a beautiful old home (mansion).  I can dream, right? 

Well when I went to Charleston those dreams were only heightened.  The homes there are absolutely breathtaking.  I would move in a second.  (Ronny, if you're reading this, just give me the word and I'm outa here!)

Now, for your viewing pleasure...

Isn't the outside of this home beautiful?  I love the weathered look, but still crisp looking.  And the blue piazza


Gardens...I was peaking through an iron gate.

Lovely window boxes all over town.

Privacy door to the piazza, not the front door.  Aren't they tricksters!

Just amazing.  Right in the middle of town.

Ice Cream House.  The former owner would serve ice cream out on the piazza to orphans.

Wedding Cake House.  This was owned by the Ice Cream House's sister.  Built to resemble the owners wedding cake.

Here is is from the courtyard.  It's now a bed and breakfast.

I love the white houses.


Rainbow Row.  All pastel houses.

All shutters must be in working order.  This would be very practical for Oklahoma...close shutters and no hail damaged windows.  Aren't I smart?

The brick and greenery, amazing.

Orange front door.  Very eye catching, the only orange door I saw.

I thought it was meant to be...the house is number 21...I'll take it!

Yellow house.

First form of barbed wire.

These steps could lead to my home!

Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. OH I am ready to go the houses and the everything!!