Monday, November 21, 2011

cupcakes to go go...a sweet review

I've said before that cupcakes are my absolute favorite dessert.  Since I'm such a cupcake fanatic I have taken it upon myself to find the best cupcakes in the OKC area.  Today I'm reviewing cupcakes to go go.  I have been numerous times (I love cupcake) and have tried quite a variety of flavors.

Location:  cupcakes to go go is located in Edmond.  Location wise...I don't know what to say...any location in Edmond can be a hassle to get to.  I'm in Edmond at least once a week, so it works for me.  Oh, they also have a cupcake van "food truck" that will deliver and that makes scheduled stops around OKC and the state, really.  The van makes cupcakes to go go just a little different than other cupcakeries.

Cost:  At $2.25 per cupcake, cupcakes to go go is one of the lowest, if not the lost priced cupcakeries in Edmond.  Ronny considers these cupcakes the best in Edmond based on this factor alone.

Selection:  cupcakes to go go offers a "daily 8" as well as a few different cupcakes each day.  Their menu lists over 40 different cupcakes all named in the theme of travel.  I've tried quite a few different cupcakes and haven't really been disappointed.

Cupcakes:  Today I got 3 cupcakes, Strawberry Hill, Salted Lake Caramel and Coconut Coast.

I am not a huge strawberry cake fan, so this is Ronny's review rather than mine.  This is a strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting (strawberry cream cheese frosting was also available).  " has real strawberries in the cake and I like the crunch candy sprinkles," Ronny.

This is a caramel cake with a salted chocolate frosting.  I have to say I am a little let down, compared to what I've had before.  The cake is marketed as caramel, but all I could make of the cake was a dense, slightly dry white cake.  The frosting was creamy, very rich and chocolate-y.  It had a caramel drizzle on top and sea salt either in the caramel or just on top...I'm leaning toward it just being on top.  There is a chocolate pretzel garnish, I didn't eat it, but can see the tie in between the sweet chocolate and salty pretzel.  Over all the flavor isn't bad...I liked the salty sweet combo...but I wouldn't choose this flavor again solely because of the dense, dry cake.  (Did you happen to notice the cupcake wrapper is pulling away from the cake?  I'm happy to see professionals have this issue too.)

This is a coconut cake with an almond cream cheese frosting.  It was pure coconut goodness.  I have to admit that I did eat this cupcake 2 days after I bought it, so I won't judge the cake on the fact that it was dry (what a bad reviewier I am).  The cake did have a strong coconut flavor...what I would expect from a coconut cake.  There was even coconut in the cake...that's a plus.  The frosting was almost amazing.  The almond flavor was very destinct...I LOVE almond flavoring.  It kinda reminded me of wedding cake frosting (yummy).  I will definately get this one again.

Overall cupcakes to go go is a cupcakery that you need to try.  It is at the top of my list.

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