Saturday, November 26, 2011

National Cake Day

Happy National Cake Day.

In honor of this day of cake I will be telling you a story about a cake my mom and I made at the first of this year.  I don't know about you guys, but my mom and I always see things on TV or in stores and say, "we could make that."  Well for once we tried, here it goes.

So you may or may not know that I have a dream to own a bakery someday.  In preparation for this day in the future I have taken a cake decorating class and baked countless cupcakes to formulate the best recipes.  Well, I received a message from a high school friend wanting me to make a beautiful, 2 tiered first birthday cake for her daughter.  I was super excited.  But wait...I've never done that before...but what do my mom and I always say?...we could make that.  Oh, did I mention that my kitchen was in the middle of being remodeled so I had to go to my parents to bake and decorate?  Anyway, I'll just stop at that.  My mom and I together made the cake and some cupcakes...I knew once that cake was delivered that I would NEVER make a tiered cake again, cupcakes are my specialty.

Here's the cake...definitely not like the professionals, but it tasted so good

...and to make you laugh

This is what my mom's kitchen looked like after 

*A final note...Some things are best left to the professionals.

Happy Cake Day

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