Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY Scent Bricks

I'm sure most of you guys buy candles.  I know I sure do.  And I'm guessing a lot of you have the Scentsy-style warmers.  So, that means you buy candles and you buy the scent bricks (scented wax)...I do anyway.  What are you supposed to do when you've burnt the candle down and there's still a bit of wax at the bottom?  Throw it away?  NO.  Here's what ya do.


Melt what's left of your candles

Once the wax is melted pour it into an ordinary ole ice cube careful the candle jar is probably HOT

After wax has dried and hardened for a few hours, pop it out, just like ice...I used a few different candles, so I labeled mine...Tyler Candle Company in Family Tradition and Butter Vanilla and Yankee Candle in Almond Cookie.  Can you tell I like food scents?

Finally, place scent brick in warmer and enjoy.

Now you don't have to throw away any candle wax again.

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  1. such a clever idea...I usually put my candles that burn down to no wick in the melter too.